JQuery Code Academy

Within a few days of working on HTML, I moved on to have completed the course for JQuery.

Completion of Jquery
Completion of Jquery

Throughout this course I have gained more of a understanding for JQuery as well as Javascript, as I have never had any experience with JQuery Throughout this course I have learnt :

  • How to run JQuery within a website
  • Mixing what I learnt from CSS with JQuery
  • Functions
  • Variables
  • Document Object Model
  • Different effects available with JQuery
  • Selectors

From doing this course I have more understanding from JQuery as i have done some Javascript before hand and it has helped enhanced my knowledge on Javascript and JQuery and how they work together. I also learnt that there are tons of effects which are available from the JQuery website. This can help with my website that I will build as the brief says to use JQuery and I feel more comfortable with it. So I will implement the basic teaching that I have learnt to the website I will build and hopefully make something creative.

The Brief Design for Digital Media Environments

The next project on the Level C course is the ‘Design for Digital Media Environments’. The new task we’ve been given is quite interesting as we have to create a website in a group of 3 that utilizes database such as twitter and using the database through PHP, Myadmin etc., for example Kyle showed us an example website for housing properties that he made.

Last semester Kyle has given us the breakdown into these data base websites, teaching us how construct our own webpages through the workshops. We’ve been learning HTML & CSS & PHP. PHP is coding language that supports databases which is connected through a server, this allows the web developing to minimise the amount of coding within HTML.

Over the next few weeks we will be doing lectures and workshops based on the project and I will interpret the knowledge that I learn within my own website.



Animation –

the state of being full of life or vigour; liveliness.

Another workshop in the lab and we were working with Animation. We were kindly given a template from our lecturer. The template consisted of different frame stills of a 2D person walking, all together there were about 10 frames. Each frame had a little bit of movement and if each frame is positioned right then eventually it would look like a person is walking. We created Gifs using photoshop which has the same concept as animation.

Each image was assigned to a separate frame so that only one frame is shown because if they were assigned to one frame it will show all of the stills in one motion.

This is what I came up with:

Workshop Gif


Then we had time to experiment and using the knowledge that I learnt from the workshop I managed to create this:

Naruto Timbology gif loop
A quick animation I did with a Naruto sprite.


After the workshop we went straight into creating our own twelve frame animation sequence. I decided to keep the drawings simple as I don’t have much experience in drawing any kind of flip book or sequenced animation. The theme for the drawn animation was ‘abstract’ so I drew triangles that grew and shrank as it moved along the praxinoscope, this gave the feeling of an abstract spark that grew then died out. With this manual sequence I had to take individual photos and command it to fit into the timeline in photoshop which allows you to create a gif, this made the drawn sequence flow more easily.

The next task that was given for the animation assignment was to create a short experimental sequence through ‘stop-motion’. This consists of multiple photos taken of an object moving, each photo represents a separate frame. For this task I used my DSLR and set the mode into burst so when the photo button is pressed then multiple shots will be taken at one time, this will make the stop motion more precise and I found out that the more frames you have the more smooth it will run. So I experimented with lots of objects and in the end I used a coin continuously turning as this follows the theme of cycle.