The resit brief and the subjects touched: JQuery/Javascript/php and code academy has helped me feel more comfortable to work around with coding on the web. I find it more easier to code to then where I started as I have never done any coding before. I will definitely code in my own time more often because the more practise the better you get and i will use code academy more and also work on the side such as any other languages to boost my knowledge. The hardest thing I found hard was php as it was quite difficult working with so many symbols but after sitting down and recognising the formula in the codes it became easier to understand. I believe it is one of the hardest codes I know for now. The thing I enjoyed most was working with processing because it was interesting to research on as I approached many projects and files which didn’t seem like it could have been created on processing but was. Which made me more into processing and programming, I will continue to use it more and hopefully create something big. This has given me confidence for second year and given me a strong foundation meaning I will be prepared for what’s to come.


For my php file I have created a simple array that I have learnt from the code academy tab of php, I haven’t finished the course yet but I have gotten a better understanding to php. The brief to create and array file which I have done. The code is an array of people, showing their ages and where they are from. These are then arranged into rows in numerical order and the php echoes out the person in what order they are. This is followed by the information taken from the array and arranged into a table like below.

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 16.44.09

Here’s what it looks like on the web, from learning PHP I still need to develop my skills in this area of coding as it is quite complicated. At first I found it quite difficult with all the new language but after a few practises in my own time I felt more comfortable. I understand that i need put more time into coding and maybe in specific areas such as php. If I master php then i’ll be able to work with backend of websites and create a website like twitter.

JQuery/HTML Site

“Most Net.Art is indeed created by artists with an extensive knowledge of programming or alternatively, by teams that include both artists and programmers” (Winfried Noth, 2007)

Having doing some art before, I have use what I learnt with code academy to put both art and code together. I have created a website which has a visually creative feel to it. I have created a grid by putting boxes together, this became a canvas like website. JQuery is then used with the toggleClass, and the click function on the box, the toggle class allows the box to be lit up.

Bottom of website
Bottom of website
Top of website
Top of website
Art in form of pixels
Art in form of pixels
Smiley face created
Smiley face created


Because of the grid it allows the use of visual art because you can simply create your art in the form or squares or even better pixels. This can be related to gimp as it is pixel drawing only  having the ability to draw and erase. The only thing that I am unable to do is create a proper art canvas for people to draw on and also select colours.


Winfried Noth (2007). Self-reference in the Media. Accessed 16, August 2015, from Social Science.

JQuery Code Academy

Within a few days of working on HTML, I moved on to have completed the course for JQuery.

Completion of Jquery
Completion of Jquery

Throughout this course I have gained more of a understanding for JQuery as well as Javascript, as I have never had any experience with JQuery Throughout this course I have learnt :

  • How to run JQuery within a website
  • Mixing what I learnt from CSS with JQuery
  • Functions
  • Variables
  • Document Object Model
  • Different effects available with JQuery
  • Selectors

From doing this course I have more understanding from JQuery as i have done some Javascript before hand and it has helped enhanced my knowledge on Javascript and JQuery and how they work together. I also learnt that there are tons of effects which are available from the JQuery website. This can help with my website that I will build as the brief says to use JQuery and I feel more comfortable with it. So I will implement the basic teaching that I have learnt to the website I will build and hopefully make something creative.

HTML Code Academy

Working through code academy within the few weeks, I have completed the course for HTML/CSS.

Completion of HTML/CSS course
Completion of HTML/CSS course

Throughout this course I have gained more of a understanding for CSS/HTML, as I have never had any experience in coding. Throughout this course I have learnt :

  • HTML basics
  • How to build my own webpage
  • Creating a social networking profile
  • Clickable photo page
  • Designing a button for the website
  • CSS Selectors
  • Sorting out friends
  • CSS positioning
  • Building a Resume

All together I have learnt the code bit by bit, this helped me because I learnt how to code from scratch and not using a template and it also helped with my memory on coding. This will further develop my skills in HTML/CSS as it will aid me in, front end CSS and building any simple website. The only problem having with this course was that I noticed that I struggled to remember some of the code meaning next course I will be more consistent in practising and that I take down notes so that I can reflect upon the code and understand each meaning.