The resit brief and the subjects touched: JQuery/Javascript/php and code academy has helped me feel more comfortable to work around with coding on the web. I find it more easier to code to then where I started as I have never done any coding before. I will definitely code in my own time more often because the more practise the better you get and i will use code academy more and also work on the side such as any other languages to boost my knowledge. The hardest thing I found hard was php as it was quite difficult working with so many symbols but after sitting down and recognising the formula in the codes it became easier to understand. I believe it is one of the hardest codes I know for now. The thing I enjoyed most was working with processing because it was interesting to research on as I approached many projects and files which didn’t seem like it could have been created on processing but was. Which made me more into processing and programming, I will continue to use it more and hopefully create something big. This has given me confidence for second year and given me a strong foundation meaning I will be prepared for what’s to come.