New Blog System

We had a seminar on blog posts and how they should follow a system, for this I think it is good that we had the seminar as it makes our blog posts more professional. I have redesigned my blog and chose a new theme to fit the new system. I have added a widget which came with the theme on the left of the blog which lists all the categories i’ve created. I’ve put time to categorise the posts into each group , this will show all the posts that are relevant. I also added captions to each of my photos that are posted already. The photos in each post have been placed after a paragraph or even at the start of the post with a width of 400 and height of 300 this will keep the blog tidy and clean. The posts have been shortened as they should be straight to the point. There’s a search button at the top for specific findings and a follow widget at the bottom. I will further do some research to improve my blog.

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 21.56.24
New layout/New look