HTML Code Academy

Working through code academy within the few weeks, I have completed the course for HTML/CSS.

Completion of HTML/CSS course
Completion of HTML/CSS course

Throughout this course I have gained more of a understanding for CSS/HTML, as I have never had any experience in coding. Throughout this course I have learnt :

  • HTML basics
  • How to build my own webpage
  • Creating a social networking profile
  • Clickable photo page
  • Designing a button for the website
  • CSS Selectors
  • Sorting out friends
  • CSS positioning
  • Building a Resume

All together I have learnt the code bit by bit, this helped me because I learnt how to code from scratch and not using a template and it also helped with my memory on coding. This will further develop my skills in HTML/CSS as it will aid me in, front end CSS and building any simple website. The only problem having with this course was that I noticed that I struggled to remember some of the code meaning next course I will be more consistent in practising and that I take down notes so that I can reflect upon the code and understand each meaning.


The Brief Design for Digital Media Environments

The next project on the Level C course is the ‘Design for Digital Media Environments’. The new task we’ve been given is quite interesting as we have to create a website in a group of 3 that utilizes database such as twitter and using the database through PHP, Myadmin etc., for example Kyle showed us an example website for housing properties that he made.

Last semester Kyle has given us the breakdown into these data base websites, teaching us how construct our own webpages through the workshops. We’ve been learning HTML & CSS & PHP. PHP is coding language that supports databases which is connected through a server, this allows the web developing to minimise the amount of coding within HTML.

Over the next few weeks we will be doing lectures and workshops based on the project and I will interpret the knowledge that I learn within my own website.