JQuery/HTML Site

“Most Net.Art is indeed created by artists with an extensive knowledge of programming or alternatively, by teams that include both artists and programmers” (Winfried Noth, 2007)

Having doing some art before, I have use what I learnt with code academy to put both art and code together. I have created a website which has a visually creative feel to it. I have created a grid by putting boxes together, this became a canvas like website. JQuery is then used with the toggleClass, and the click function on the box, the toggle class allows the box to be lit up.

Bottom of website
Bottom of website
Top of website
Top of website
Art in form of pixels
Art in form of pixels
Smiley face created
Smiley face created


Because of the grid it allows the use of visual art because you can simply create your art in the form or squares or even better pixels. This can be related to gimp as it is pixel drawing only  having the ability to draw and erase. The only thing that I am unable to do is create a proper art canvas for people to draw on and also select colours.


Winfried Noth (2007). Self-reference in the Media. Accessed 16, August 2015, from Social Science.


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