JQuery Code Academy

Within a few days of working on HTML, I moved on to have completed the course for JQuery.

Completion of Jquery
Completion of Jquery

Throughout this course I have gained more of a understanding for JQuery as well as Javascript, as I have never had any experience with JQuery Throughout this course I have learnt :

  • How to run JQuery within a website
  • Mixing what I learnt from CSS with JQuery
  • Functions
  • Variables
  • Document Object Model
  • Different effects available with JQuery
  • Selectors

From doing this course I have more understanding from JQuery as i have done some Javascript before hand and it has helped enhanced my knowledge on Javascript and JQuery and how they work together. I also learnt that there are tons of effects which are available from the JQuery website. This can help with my website that I will build as the brief says to use JQuery and I feel more comfortable with it. So I will implement the basic teaching that I have learnt to the website I will build and hopefully make something creative.


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