Design for Digital Media Environments – The Idea

In response of the Design for Digital Media Environments brief, I, Toby and Javaid had come up with a few ideas for our website. We had Javaid that came up with a music website where music producers and users of music softwares such as Logic X and fruity loops can upload and share music samples for other producers to use and create their own music. This included users to share their own music which would have been created using the sample.

Then Toby came up with idea of pre-drinking for university students, this works based on the amount of money having as a student and selecting the level of drunkness and then a database table would give the right alcohol based on the results, we thought that would be a better idea as Javaid’s idea was pretty good but down to php it would be very difficult. So we asked Rob on how it would go and he said it was a great idea but it needed user interface, so then we made it a website where it could do that and also allow users to upload cocktail recipes etc as well as a login/signup option. We will keep updating on the website.


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