Contrasting text

We were asked to find two contrasting texts in form of an article/review/book based on a game/application/website. One is writing for and one is against, so for this I have chosen a well known application and social website, ‘Facebook’.

Facebook is a well known website that was launched by millionaire Mark Zuckerburg, Facebook consists of socialising through the internet. This can include adding your close friends by sending friend requests, talking to them through the messenger, even using the website for entertainment purposes through games and also building up your business reputation.

I have undergone research and found a professional article/text that speaks against Facebook, written by S.B.Heidelberg (2006) from the book ‘Imagined Communities: Awareness, Information Sharing, and Privacy on the Facebook’, this can be found on this link. The article discuss the downside of Facebook and how the privacy of a user can be a disadvantage. He writes “Some manage their privacy concerns by trusting their ability to control the information they provide and the external access to it”. I think this is quite a strong statement as I think people have a choice to upload their information e.g. martial status, email and even Skype name and also photos. Because of this it puts their identity to risk because of 3rd people contacts such as friends of mutual friends having the ability to go onto the Facebook account and access any photos, location and also important information about the person.

Continuing on from this WN-FH Tow (2010) from the book ‘Journal of Information Technology’ and can be found here. He quotes “The advent of social networking websites presents further opportunities for criminals to obtain information for use in identity theft, cyber-stalking, and worse activities.” This I can agree on as people in the modern day have identity frauds because of saved photos from profiles and also pretending to be someone else and causing trouble, in this case this has been more relatable for women because of male users hitting up the real account discussing a fake conversation with a duplicated fraud account. These shows the articles negative share of safety and privacy.

I have gone into research with positive views on Facebook through the use of reviews done on the website and Facebook isn’t that bad at all as there are benefits to it.

C.Brooks (2012) a senior writer for business daily news (link can be found here), discusses 7 positive views on Facebook. He quotes “Facebook is also in the business of matchmaking.Research shows that nearly 60 percent of singles will friend someone new on Facebook after meeting them in person”. Although Facebook is a target for identity fraud it is also a target for potential users to come together and socialise and even find love as they get to know each other through the Facebook messenger.

Another online review from C.Arthur (2011), link can be found here. He quotes “Facebook might be more social than LinkedIn but you can have valuable relationships which could lead to business”. This is another advantage to Facebook as it allows users to build friendships and are like minded then there are equal opportunities to start something new e.g. a blog together, business etc.

Overall I think Facebook is positive because of many positive articles and reviews but as well as positive feedback and opinions, there are some downsides because of Identity issues and even spam messages. In the end the positives overcome the negatives.

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