Infographics Poster Final Product

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 11.18.38
Final product of poster


This is the final poster that I came up with, it is very simple but still abstract in my eyes. I’ve added a few things to the poster like the bubbles by the head phones stating that the poster results was taken at a enjoyable moment and that music could also give you a bubbly personality. I also added an EQ stencil in the background as I felt that the background was a bit plain and the EQ relates to music because of the music plays through frequencies and I thought it contrasted well with the background and map itself.

I got feedback from fellow peers and they like the abstract feeling towards the poster and that they clearly state the different genres and their favourite music too. The thing that I could’ve improved was experimenting more and inputting more ideas and maybe playing with the layout. But overall I am happy with the outcome.


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