Infographics Poster Development 2

I developed the poster even more adding a pre-made vector found off google of the UK because the data was representing United Kingdom. I wanted to show that physically and that so it can easily be seen that the poster is about the UK. I was going for a more information based poster but then I thought I’d try to enhance the photo and abstractly create the map using shapes even though I didn’t know how it would turn up yet. The initial idea here was that the headphones would be connected to UK and saying that the UK is like a big MP3 player because people in the UK enjoy music and listen to it a lot. The data would then be represented through the abstractness of poster.

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 00.07.39
Equalizer map idea poster 2 

Developing onwards from that I decided to scrap the white lines as it took the distraction off the main top which was music and that I realised from afar that the white lines contrasted a bit too much so I also changed the colour of the background and didn’t make it completely black but instead gave it a nice grey colour which was perfect and neutral. With the blue rectangles I played with the shaped and adjusted the point sand the vectors of the rectangles to create more rectangular/triangular shapes that would fit the shape of United Kingdom and it actually worked, abstractly I saw the UK. The colour is incorporated from the other poster and from the colour scheme below:

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 00.02.44
Colours that represent music that I have used


Some colours were adjusted because of the close colours that looked alike, I then added a copy of the triangles and changed the gradient to give it a 3D-ish/flat designed feeling. On top of the shapes I drew via the pen from the data off the graph that was researched earlier. These were then given another gradient colour related to the genre/shape colour so that there was a  three way gradient, I did it in a way I thought it would be abstract like but in the in it looked messy.

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 03.28.08
Developed poster with percentages and shapes poster 2


I again analysed the poster and squinted a bit and the headphone colour and shape put me off and it looked like a mess especially because the map was already colourful so then I redesigned the headphones so that it would look more flat designed like and I liked it because it was simple and it didn’t take all the distraction because you can still notice it while the map takes all the distraction. The colour of the headphones changed to be more neutral as majority of the poster is colour and I really put out the colours to show.

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 04.42.00
Re-designed headphones for poster 2



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