Infographics Poster Development

Moving from the other poster I developed more ideas and thought more about the poster and grabbed ideas from the previous poster before, I incorporated some designs and signs into the poster because I like the simplicity and also the design behind the poster. The colour chosen for the background was a neutral colour picked and it was a colour that would go with anything, the colour white was also a simple colour but it contrasted on the background which I liked because it gave the poster  a bold feeling.

Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 22.32.52
Basic foundation to poster 2 Idea


As the poster developed I still was thinking about how I can portray music in my poster and I thought of the target audience and I thought what do students like? I thought that they would enjoy listening to music so that’s why in the new poster that I created I will incorporate headphones because it symbolises the enjoyment of music. The font under “Music” was the font Amplify which was found online and it reminded me of the famous brand Marshall which creates guitar amplifiers and headphones too. I added on a glow onto the font to give it the contrast and make it stand out because the topic of my poster is related to music and I wanted the target audience to recognise that. The headphones in the poster were traced before hand from a poster and the colour were picked by me, yellow contrasted black and yellow is a bright colour so I thought it would stand out and attract the audience because they will be enlightened by the brightness. I used the colour palette on adobe illustrator to distinct the colour and try give the headphones some depth like the flat design idea I mentioned about before.


Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 22.38.01
Added traced headphones to poster 2 Idea



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