Infographics Poster Style

Within the PAL session today we learnt about the skills and visuals of ‘flat designing’. The concept is basically a poster or an illustration that is widely used for books, posters and also web development and design. One thing that flat design concept that is used all over the internet and in the world are symbols. For example real life symbols such as Apple and Nike, with Apple coming out with their new software update they use flat design logos to give their computers more of a designer friendly computer.

Example of Flat design in real life

Simple as it is, you can easily see the thoughts and design through the apps, it gives Apple their distinctive and unique style. Here’s another example:

Inspiration on flat design


I really like this image or website because of the detailed designed used, even though it is a flat design it has this 3D into depth feeling. I also like the simplicity of the design as you can see on the facial hair changes along the right and also on the hats. The use of colour again is really good because it can give the features and items the third dimensional feeling, it also contrasts against the background making the items stand out which I may consider doing.

For the poster I think that the flat design would go well with the poster because I can create logos and design based on music for example, headphones, musical instruments etc. Also using Adobe Illustrator will be good software to navigate on as they are known for designing as big companies like Apple use these softwares.


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