Infographics Poster: Colours

In previous posts before I mention talking about using colour in representation of music genre or even music. When thinking about music there are different range of genres and different feelings give out a colour in a genre. For example, lets say Rock or heavy metal has quite a dark feeling and atmosphere within the music and vocals and chords that are used. Because of the dark feeling more dark colours such as black, grey and basically dull colours will be used. In comparison of that pop music generally gives a happy feeling because of the chords and  the atmosphere of joy within the song. So I have conducted some research between colours and what colours represent what and this is what I managed to find.

Colour Palette representing music through colour

This image was googled through “What colour represents what music genre?” and the link follows here :

Music genre colour grabbed
Music genre in representation of colour


I also grabbed a photo from wikipedia and here’s the link :

I really like the colour pallet above as it gives more of a specified colour to match what music genre, but using and analysing both colour palettes they both share some differences and similarities. The first colour palette is a more specified image of what colours and also music artists that relate to the music genre. From judging by the two palettes it gave me a broad and open mind on choosing what colour would fit into each genre. I found it quite hard as some the colours were similar.



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