Development & Realisation

First workshop in on our new brief to creating A2 posters on the following:

  • Where have you been and when?
  • What is your social network?
  • How many documented meteor impacts have there been?
  • Who lives the longest?
  • What is the fattest country?
  • Where do different genders shop online?
  • Who know each other and how in Star Wars?
  • What type of music is the most popular?**
  • Who has the largest carbon footprint?
  • How does the hydrologic cycle?

I have picked “‘What type of music is the most popular?” – I have chosen due to my interest of music and also I have generated enough Ideas to create 10 prototype posters. The images below are taken from and these have inspired me or given me ideas.

Colour spectrum in form of a vinyl disc representing music genres through colours


This poster I like due to the different range of colours used which is in form as a vintage retro disc that are used on record players. I thought this was really good because it represents music genres and songs through the different colours of the spectrum and could also show whats colour represent the songs and I think I will use this interpretation through my poster and use different colours to represent what genre or type of music people like.

Musical poster based of concepts of music technology e.g. frequencies


Infographic poster with inspiring logos

I also admire the poster above as it is more of an information based poster which I consider to use and interpret within my poster. The use of graphs and pie chart is a great use for infographics as they are a great and simple but effective way to publish any researches and I can follow up on the graphs and maybe create my own graphs and use different abstract shapes and colour.

Again with this poster it has various features that inforgraphic posters have for example, the graphs, the abstract graph and also has the art behind it. The thing that captures my eyes is the logos on the top right of the poster as they very simple but unique and they captured my eye almost at an instant because of the simplicity of the logos and I might use this concept in my poster.

Mini cooper infographics poster, inspiring flat design


I like this poster because there is a sense of journey with the poster and I could use a journey of music through the map and maybe use musical symbols that portray music. It also has a map and I might use a country and vector it and work around with what I know and have in mind.  These are just some ideas I have developed.


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