Animation History


-The word Anima means breathe life into

-It originates from 1645 when the magic lantern invented

Magic Lantern
Magic Lantern

-In 1824, Peter Roger an examiner of physiology explained the notion of presistance of vision

-Persistance of vision is when image is retain on the retina of the eye until replace by a new one, the film projection relies on the principle

Example of persistence of Vision

-In 1829, George Horner invented the zoetrope which demonstrates the ‘ persistence of vision principle’

Real life Zoetrope

-In 1879, Edward Muybridge  A british photographer created the praxinascope. Enabled projection of more sophisticated images

The Praxinascope

-In 1886, Thomas Edison invented projector

Early made projector

-In 1906, James stuart made the first animated film

-In 1914, Winsor McCay created the gertie the dinosaur using 10000 drawings

-In 1918, Winsor McCay invents animation cel used in the film the sinking of the lusitania

-In 1917, Max Fleischer an american invented the rotoscope, a device for tracing frames from live action film. Used in KoKO – out of the ink well

Blueprint of a rotoscope

-In 1920, Felix the Cat was created

Felix the cat created for animation

-In 1927, Warner brothers released the jazz singer which combined sound and images which were played in diners through juke boxes with a screen

Jazz singer, a Warner Bros production for video and sound

-In 1923, Walt Disney was discovered

-In 1942, found of the nation film broad of Canada

-Pioneering animators such as: Alexander Alexieff uses a onboard technique to create En Passant (1943)

-Norman McLaren in employed by nfbc and develops the drawing on film technique E.g. Blinkety Blank and another innovative calms including pixellation demonstrated in neighbours

-Dire Straits – money for nothing


  • Black chalkboard
  • Hand drawn

MetroVista – boxes illuminating animation via sensors

Bullet Time ands Raspberry pi – Used in the matrix


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