Working with Processing

Moving on from photoshop and designing, we shortly started to do some work with java and programming. Programming is a set of instructions and a high level language that are then interpreted to machine code, meaning turning code into objects.

We had some vocabulary to learn such as:

  • IDE – Integrated development environment
  • Variable
  • Parentheses ( – open ) – close
  • Functions & Methods
  • Class – building block for objects
  • Instant – we create instants after a class
  • Data Type – types of objects
  • Loops – concept of repeating a loop
  • Compiler
  • Conditional Statement – testing for a condition, always returns true or false
  • OOP – Object oriented programming
  • Camel Case – how we name our variables: myVar – myFirstFunction – topScore

Here is processing in use:

Code practising


Here’s an example of what has been created with the following codes:

Rectangle java


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