A-Z Photography

On the 29th of September 2014, the DMD group A were all given a creative task to complete a A-Z photography collage. We were given the option to collaborate or to work solo, and I decided to work with Abraham. On that same day we had a lecture on photography and learnt about contrasts, alignment, lighting, depth and the rule of thirds. The photos taken were meant to be of naturally occurring objects, in this case myself and Abraham took photos on the way to the beach and found possible abstract letters.

Inspiration: I have also researched into Maholy Nagy & some of the artwork of Bauhaus movement, which I find interesting because of the creative thinking and also the abstract view. This assisted me with the understanding of these collages and also the concept behind it all.

Here are some of the key words that we’ve learnt in our lecture on photography:

  • Rule of thirds –  The rule of thirds is the concept used in video/film/photography production in which the frame is divided into into nine imaginary sections.
  • Leading lines –  The Leading lines is a method that depends upon utilising scenic surroundings in a format to literally lead the eye following a subject through the image. It can be more than just an image.
  • Exposure –  In photography, exposure is the measurements of the amount of light allowed to reach the sensor of a camera during the process of taking a photograph.
  • Balancing Elements – The balancing elements intertwines with the rule of thirds, as the rule of balancing can make a difference between a good and a top quality photo. The drawback of this is that it may leave a void in the frame giving a sense of emptiness. There should be a equal balance between objects within the frame.
  • Composition – The composition within a photo is the placement/arrangement of visual elements in a photography using the rule of thirds.
  • Symmetry and patterns – Both symmetry & patterns contribute in a photo and works well with the rule of thirds as you can spot out key patterns and symmetry within an object and define it.
  • Viewpoint – The Viewpoint can be defined as an angle/stance or direction from where you choose to shoot each image.

Inspired alphabetical photo colage

Programme used: Photoshop CS6

Theme: Collage, green & natural.

Here are some individual photos:

E from branches poking out from a tree A from roots of a tree B from a crack in the wall

Here is the collage:

Alphabetical collage


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